Advantages of a Boutique Real Estate Agency

Many may be misled in believing a “boutique” real estate agency to only cater to high end clientele. In reality, boutique firms cater to all clientele and are extremely specialised businesses with a culture centered on superior customer service and professionalism. 


As our clients have discovered, by engaging the services of a Boutique Real Estate Firm, you can expect exceptional representation in all real estate transactions from property sales to property management.  You will rest assured knowing that your appointed Sales Consultant or Property Manager is working to assist you for a smooth, skilled and stress-free transaction.

There are so many choices when it comes to finding the right real estate agent to manage or sell your home and being armed with the knowledge of offerings you will be equipped to make the right choice for you.


Many larger agencies have multiple Sales Consultants and Property Managers. You may find when engaging in their services you may deal with several staff members for your one transaction. They tend to have a different staff member dedicated to each area, such as; home opens, document preparation, leasing, property management and accounts to name a few.

Most boutique real estate agencies, like ourselves, assign one experienced, dedicated staff member who sees your transaction through from start to finish. Your appointed Sales Consultant or Property Manager will handle ALL areas of your transaction. Boutique agencies understand the importance of communication and you will only deal with management who are always available to make decisions quickly, efficiently and without the 'red tape'. We provide the highest level of commitment and individualised service to our clients, while maintaining complete transparency through all our business processes.


Quality or Quality?

Boutique agencies tend to be more interested in the quality over quantity, while most larger firms cannot guarantee the same level of individualised service due to their workloads, as they are known to have a 'quota' to reach. Boutique firms take the time to get to know you - you are not a number to us! We take the time to listen to your unique situation and needs.

Boutique agencies value you and are more likely to be able to tailor fees to suit individual needs. Being more flexible with fee packages is a huge advantage for smaller firms.


Home Opens & Flexibility

When it comes to home opens for both properties for Sale and Lease, most agents set the home open times in the hope that people attend. Unfortunately, the times are not always suitable for everyone, that’s where engaging the services of a boutique agency can make a difference. We not only book and advertise home opens for specific times, we also contact each person whom has enquired and arrange a viewing time at a time that suits THEM! Whether that be after they drop the kids at school, after work hours or on a weekend. Boutique agencies tend to be more flexible.


Marketing Tools
Both boutique and large firms have the same access to online marketing tools and technology enhancements required to provide the best possible outcome for all clientele.


So, next time you are searching for a Real Estate Agent, consider all options and be armed with the knowledge to make the right choice for you!


31st October 2018