Company Values


Hartfield Realty was founded on five core values: Honour, Accountability, Professionalism, Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction (HAPEC). These core values are the cornerstones which guide every company decision from creating the service options and operating systems to hiring energetic Team Members and even to expanding our business areas. They provide the foundation for how the company treats its Team Members, Customers and communities.



Having trust & respect for our fellow Team Members and celebrating the individuality of each and every customer is the key to Hartfield Realty. We must always remember that we are in the lucky position of creating special moments and memories in the lives of everyone we come into contact with, including property sellers and buyers.



Empower people to the right thing and to do the thing right. We look for people who will embody this spirit and be accountable for everything they do within clearly defined job description and key performance indicators.



Every one in our Team must have the standards of education and training that equip them with specific knowledge, skills and passion necessary to perform their roles. We also encourage Team Members to share knowledge and pass it on. If you think you know enough, chances are you have a lot to learn! Being professional also means we adopt industry ‘Best Practice’ to help us keep us abreast of latest regulations and new developments.



We always find ways to be more efficient in all aspects of operation that will add value for our customers. We don’t keep the outcome of efficiency in our pocket, but pass it on to our customers.


Customer Satisfaction

We always value customers’ feedback and suggestion to improve our service. We want to give our customers the real estate experience they expect from every one of our staff. Your satisfaction is our rewards!