Flexible Fee Options

We tailor a package to suit each clients needs


Our Fee Structure is flexible and personalised for each of our clients with 3 options for both Sales and Property Management. 


Option 1: Inclusive Fee Structure - All services included for one flat rate. 

Option 2: Part Inclusive Fee Structure - A lower flat rate with some inclusions, other services charged as needed.

Option 3: Itemised Fee Structure - A significantly lower flat rate with services being charged as required.



Please contact our office on 08 9288 1877 to discuss your real estate needs. We will be happy to tailor a package to suit your individual requirements.


Click Here to send us an enquiry regarding your investment property.

Click Here to send us an enquiry regarding listing your home for Sale.


* In all three options, we also apply 'fee-match' based on a written quote from another local agent.